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Manage your property hassle and stress-free for less than $100 a year. Real estate is an investment and investing at its core is to see a positive cash flow.

We at RDD will ensure a qualified, non-smoking, and pet restricted tenant for your property at or above market value free of charge for the first year.

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How It Works

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Cash Incentive*

Cash Incentive* on the purchase price of your home. Read below to see what you can use it towards!

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Our Rental Guarantee

We ensure a qualified tenant for your property at or above market value free of charge for the first year.

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Professional Cleaning

We include professional cleaning to ensure your new property is in its best condition for your tenants.

What Can I Use My Cash Incentive* Towards?

You Can Use It Towards The Following

Closing Costs

Land Transfer Tax


New Furniture


Renos & Upgrades

Basement Buildouts


Manage Your Property with RDDQuarterly

For less than $100 a year, manage your property hassle-free.

Inspection Report

Our team will visit your investment property and conduct a thorough inspection checklist. You will be provided with a detailed report with photographs and recommendations regarding potential repairs, to-dos and touch ups.

Renovation / Repair Services / Management

As most investment properties require a minimum of yearly upkeep and maintenance, our team provides all services required to keep your property in original form and maintain its value at a cost-effective price.

Property Evaluation Report

How can you keep track of your investment and get the most recent value and stats? Leave that to us!

Every quarter (3 months) we will send you an Evaluation Report that will provide you with the estimated present value of your investment property. There will be comparables of recently sold properties in the neighbourhood as well as a market analysis and recommended buy/sell actions.

Dee and Rocky turn properties into homes.
A little bit of love and a lot of expertise turns ideas into reality.

Our Customer’s Stories

Michael & Richard

Taking their time was their hesitation to downsize, but RDD was patient and worked with the couple at their own speed and timeline!

Aquin & Lincy

First time home buyers, Aquin and Lincy, trusted this decision to Rocky and Dee. See why they chose RDD and their unique journey!

Clyde & Danna

Letting go of their home of 25 years, wasn’t easy for this downsizing couple, but Rocky and Dee made the transition smooth and stress-free!

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