Get Commission
Rebates When You
Buy A Home

Every Buyer Receives
RDD Buyers Appreciation Rewards

When you buy a house with RDD you automatically
receive our Buyer Appreciation Rewards
regardless of the property value. Here’s what you’ll get…

  • Legal Fees – $1000
  • Home Inspection – $600
  • Moving Boxes Provided – $300
  • Movers Provided – $1000
  • Interior Design Consultation – $1000
  • Total Reward Value of $3900

Qualify for Additional RDD Rewards

If the value of your new home is $700,000 or greater you automatically qualify for additional RDD Rewards. The value if your Rewards increase in direct proportion to the value of your home. The more your home is worth the greater the Rewards you’ll receive. Connect with us to discuss your RDD Reward options.

A “New Concept”
For Real Estate Commissions

In the last decade we’ve seen real estate prices soar to record high levels. These unprecedented prices continue to rise beyond expectation and are expected to continue upwards. At the same time, we have not seen any adjustment in the real estate commissions that are paid to facilitate sales transactions.

At RDD we recognize today’s pricing has translated into higher commissions for agents
and we feel a percentage of those commissions should transfer back
to buyers and sellers as increased value!

Based on that mentality
we’ve developed RDD Rewards!

What are RDD Rewards?

Home prices may have increased, but many of the same financial challenges that come with moving still remain. There are closing costs, moving costs, legal fees, mortgage fees. Not to mention, updates or renos that may also be required to your new home, such as: painting, new flooring, updating fixtures, landscaping and more.

What if a portion of the commission paid could be returned to you to help you deal with some of those “associated” moving costs? That is where RDD rewards come in! Based on the value of your purchase, RDD Rewards can be applied toward any cost associated with moving into your new home. You decide how to use your RDD Rewards, based on what is most important to you!

RDD Rewards

Renos & Upgrade Rewards — Before You Move In!

  • – Paint the house
  • – Update flooring or tiling
  • – Replace fixtures or upgrade pot lights
  • – Kitchens & bathrooms
  • – Landscaping, fencing & decking
  • – You decide what needs updating

Moving Rewards!

  • – Packing for your move
  • – Moving Truck Rentals
  • – Specialized moving services
  • – Done for you moving companies
  • – You decide on moving services

Financial Rewards – At Closing Time!

  • – Closing Costs
  • – Mortgage Transfer Fees
  • – Legal fees
  • – Cash back
  • – You decide where finances are needed

First Time Experience

Stress Free Experience

with RDD

Options For Working With RDD

We know that many home buyers start off by looking for a new home online, while others work with agents to find their dream home. RDD is flexible and is happy to work with you either way.

Rocky and Dee

RDD is much more than a real estate broker. When you work with RDD you’ll also have access to a number of supporting services. Rocky and Dee work collaboratively on most projects, each bringing unique services to the table.

Rocky’s years of experience in renovation management help to facilitate any upgrades or renos needed for both buyers and sellers alike, while Dee Sharma brings interior design expertise into the mix, to plan and create stunning transformations. Whether it’s staging a property for sale or designing and implementing a custom renovation, Rocky & Dee’s talents work together to make sure their clients get the best results.

Option 1 – Finding Your Home Online

Spending time online is a great way to see what’s out there and narrowing down properties that fit your wish list. Once you’ve found a few gems you’ll want to visit them to see which ones are the best fit. Connecting with the listing agent will get you in, but that won’t get you the RDD Rewards you deserve. By connecting with RDD, we can arrange to visit all of the properties on your list and you’ll avoid pressure from multiple listing agents. You can count on our expertise to help you navigate through each listing to find the best fit.

One we’ve found your perfect home, we’ll work hard to get the best deal and then you can decide how to use your RDD Rewards!

Option 2 – RDD Finds Your Dream Home

Rocky Badhwar is a licensed Realtor in Ontario with over 14 years experience in both real estate as well as renovation and development. His unique blend of skills bring expertise in both finding the right property for you, as well as managing an upgrade if needed, before you move in! RDD has saved buyers thousands when buying a new home and using supporting services.

RDD will not only find your new home, but ensure that the purchase process is smooth and stress-free too. With RDD you get more than just a great realtor, you get the added bonus of RDD Rewards! with your new purchase too.

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What Area of the GTA Does RDD Focus On?

RDD helps home buyers find their dream homes in the Greater Toronto Area. Although we can help you find your new home across the GTA, many of the home buyers that we work with are located in Toronto and areas west of Toronto. We have many years of experience buying and selling homes, townhouses and condos in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. With our in-depth knowledge of the Toronto and west Toronto real estate market, we’ll help you find the right property at the right price when it comes to buying your new home.

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