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Dee and Rocky own and have run several short term rentals, Airbnb and corporate rentals across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They have used their expertise and knowledge to ensure rental profits are being maximized from these properties. Now they would like to share this knowledge with you!

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How It Works

As an investor you’re looking for the right investment property to buy and you’re considering ROI, when the right time is to buy, and more.

Let RDD help Boost Your Income! We start with the discovery stage, where we get to understand your needs, then we find the property that’s right for you, and finally we choose the rental type that will boost your income!

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In this stage, we discover what your needs are, if it’s worth it for you, and what the ROI would be for different properties. We dive deep in order to understand when the right time is to buy for you and to boost your income.

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After understanding your needs, we help you find the property that’s right for you, whether that be a condo or a home. We’ll recommend if it should be leased through MLS, how to find the best renter, and how to boost your income.

Rental Options

Once we’ve gone through the discovery and search stages, we then decide between 3 types of rental options, Typical Rental, Corporate Rental, or Airbnb Rental, to boost your income.

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This is also known as an MLS rental. With a typical rental we find you a long term, AAA tenant, by putting your property up on the MLS marketplace. This is ideal for investors looking for a “set it and forget it” type of investment. If for any reason the tenant decides to leave mid way through the first year we will cover any kind of fees associated with finding another tenant. Ready to start your “peace of mind” investment?

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Corporate rentals are extremely profitable but it has to be done right. Our design team will design and setup the property to look great and be useful for corporate rentals and get high-end tenants. We ensure corporate needs are addressed along with the correct amenities to suit corporate needs. We will market it accordingly and position it as a corporate rental. Ready to take advantage of the corporate market?

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Whether you’re looking to Airbnb your property for the first time or already have an existing Airbnb rental that you want to maximize, we can help. We help you end-to-end from setting up your account, to furnishing your property the right way, to taking professional pictures, and marketing it to increase maximum occupancy and stand out from the competition. Ready to reach your maximum occupancy for your rental?

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Dee and Rocky turn properties into homes.
A little bit of love and a lot of expertise turns ideas into reality.

Our Customer’s Stories

Michael & Richard

Taking their time was their hesitation to downsize, but RDD was patient and worked with the couple at their own speed and timeline!

Aquin & Lincy

First time home buyers, Aquin and Lincy, trusted this decision to Rocky and Dee. See why they chose RDD and their unique journey!

Clyde & Danna

Letting go of their home of 25 years, wasn’t easy for this downsizing couple, but Rocky and Dee made the transition smooth and stress-free!

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