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Home selling is an art that requires preparation, marketing, and negotiation. At RDD we have a unique process we use to ensure that we showcase your home in the best possible way to buyers so you can get maximum return, even over asking, for your property.


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Selling Your Home

Selling a home is an art that requires preparation, marketing, and negotiation.


In the process of selling a home, most realtors do the marketing and negotiation, but very few prepare a property to showcase it to its best potential. I’m sure you have walked into homes for sale and have had very different views about the home, some you were impressed by and others you were almost confused! This is a common scenario. What does it mean when someone says “does it show well”

If you were to sell your car, would you not thoroughly clean it to ensure it presents in the best light possible? Your home is worth thousands, so we take this to another level.

Upon ensuring your home looks as large, clean, and appealing as possible by an experienced realtor and interior designer, our professional real estate photography team will shoot unbelievable pictures, video and drone videography of your property for buyers to view online.

Depending on the package you choose, many of these services and costs are fully covered by RDD like storage/pod rentals, movers, cleaners, staging costs, and even paint.

Now, your other option is listing with an agent who will suggest what changes you should make without any design experience and all for the same cost as using RDD LIST.

Rocky and Dee standing together

RDD List Process

Dee and Rocky will only carry out the recommendations that will absolutely guarantee an increased return on your sale and also upon your permission.

Couple sitting with realtor happy

Intro Realty Meeting

Rocky will meet with you and discuss the possible price your home can sell at and answer all of your initial questions regarding the process.

Dee and Rocky looking at a screen

Listing Preparation

Rocky and Dee will cooperatively walk through your home and come up with the Preparation List to get your home ready to shoot photos.

Rocky and Dee meeting with clients

Game plan Consult

After the Preparation List, Rocky will discuss with you the full game plan for what needs to get done in order to successfully list your home.

Dee staging a house

Professional Staging

When thinking about selling your home, Dee jumps in, de-clutters your home, removes and stores all of the items from your home in a pod and stages your home for potential buyers.

RDD List for sale sign

List To Sell

With your home looking spacious and clean, Rocky puts your house on the market for potential buyers to gain interest on the property.

sold sign in front of house


It might be at your asking price or even over-asking, be rest assured that you are getting the maximum return on your sale, we stand by that!

Included In Your Package

The following options can be included in your package. We will be sure to discuss the best course of action for you and feel free to ask as many questions as you like, we’re here to help.

Preparation List

  • Packing, Decluttering, Removal, and Storage of Excessive Furniture, Personal Belongings, Art, etc.
  • Paint and Minor Renovations
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Staging with Rental Furniture and Accessories

Fees Covered

  • Storage/Pod Rental
  • Movers
  • Cleaners
  • Staging Costs
  • and even Paint

Trusting RDD to sell their home in an unexpected hurry and still find the perfect home for them was no challenge for the couple.

Khalid & Family

Needing to sell their condo and find a new home, this young couple enjoyed working with Rocky every step of the way!

Boris & Patricia

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Michael & Richard

Taking their time was their hesitation to downsize, but RDD was patient and worked with the couple at their own speed and timeline!

Aquin & Lincy

First time home buyers, Aquin and Lincy trusted this decision to Rocky and Dee. See why they chose RDD and their unique journey!

Clyde & Danna

Letting go of their home of 25 years, wasn’t easy for this downsizing couple, but Rocky and Dee made the transition smooth and stress-free!

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