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The home buying service is more effective when you’re selling your property and looking
to purchase a new one. If you’ve been looking around for a while
and the homes that you love that are fully updated and renovated
are very highly-priced, OR the homes that fall within your budget or
just below are simply outdated, maybe the floor plans are not what
you want or don’t meet your visual needs.

Read below on how RDD Home works!

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Our Process

Our home buying process is simple, we conduct our Intro Meeting, List Your Existing Property, Find Your New Home, Buy Your New Home with the Cash Incentive*, Quote on Renovations, Renovate, and then lastly, Welcome You To Your New Home!

African american clients meeting their realtor

Intro Meeting

Dee and Rocky meet with you and have a discovery meeting to find out what your wants, needs and desires are for your new home. We understand how tedious the process of buying a home can be, we’ll walk you through all the processes.

rocky looking at listings

List Your Home

List and market the sale of your present property by utilizing all marketing avenues and initiatives that are available at our disposal.

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Find Your New Home

Search for properties within or below your overall budget where Rocky and Dee personally show these properties to the clients while quoting on potential renos.

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Buy Your New Home

You decide on a property, we show you the home buying process, the Cash Incentive* is applied, and Rocky completes the full transaction to ensure the home is purchased correctly.

Dee working inside a home

Design Meeting

Dee conducts a design meeting with you, the renovations begin, and the project management and execution is carried out by RDD.

modern home

Welcome Home!

Upon completion of the renovations and design plans, you sign off, and the property is presented to you by Rocky & Dee at the Grand Reveal.

Other Services

Simple Home Services

Simple Home Services are provided to assist the couple to move from their previous home to their new home. These might include, movers, boxes, cleaning services, etc.

Add-On Services

Other Realty, Design and Development services might be utilized such as décor shopping and installation and home setup.

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Our Customer’s Stories

Michael & Richard

Taking their time was their hesitation to downsize, but RDD was patient and worked with the couple at their own speed and timeline!

Aquin & Lincy

First time home buyers, Aquin and Lincy trusted this decision to Rocky and Dee. See why they chose RDD and their unique journey!

Clyde & Danna

Letting go of their home of 25 years, wasn’t easy for this downsizing couple, but Rocky and Dee made the transition smooth and stress-free!

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Cash Incentive*

How Does It Work?

When you buy a home with RDD, you receive a % of your purchase price back as a Cash Incentive* or use it towards any design or renovation service towards your new home.

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