The Development division of Realty, Design and Development will provide renovation and contracting services. These services focus on providing homeowners with contracting services, such as plumbers, smart home installation, repairs, renovations and much more. We also specialize in building custom homes too!


Development Services

For all of your development needs.

Our experienced team consists of various trades, contractors and investors who all work hand in hand with Rocky and Dee to ensure your project is a success.

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We provide you with a professional interior designer and contractors to plan and renovate successfully.

Project Managment

To ensure your project runs smoothly, we assign a project manager to all of our builds to make sure we stay on track.

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Custom Homes

Is your dream to build your custom home?

Let us ensure your dream becomes a reality!

Realtors assisting you to find the right plot of land, designers who will plan the entire project, and our development team consisting of experienced tradesmen and project managers who will be building your forever, custom home.

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Dee and Rocky turn properties into homes.
A little bit of love and a lot of expertise turns ideas into reality.

Our Customer’s Stories

Michael & Richard

Taking their time was their hesitation to downsize, but RDD was patient and worked with the couple at their own speed and timeline!

Aquin & Lincy

First time home buyers, Aquin and Lincy, trusted this decision to Rocky and Dee. See why they chose RDD and their unique journey!

Clyde & Danna

Letting go of their home of 25 years, wasn’t easy for this downsizing couple, but Rocky and Dee made the transition smooth and stress-free!

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