Organization & Staging

Our firm specializes in decluttering and organizing your home to get it ready to be staged physically or virtually. We make sure to create clean, neat spaces for visitors and spaces that are easy to market. All of our services can we used separately as well!


Staging & Styling

We use our skills and knowledge to visually present your home in a manner that will attract buyers, look great in photos and help sell your property faster. Our approach is to work with you one on one in the entire process, guide you and find the best solutions so you can achieve the desired results.

We work closely with homeowners and realtors to ensure that your properties value increases by our staging services. Some of the top real estate firms in the city use our services to ensure they get the top return for their client’s properties.

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Before and After Of VR Service

Virtual Staging

Bring an empty space to life for buyers with virtual staging. We use real furniture models to stage your vacant property photos.

Staging vacant properties are proven to reduce selling time and with virtually staging your place you can still achieve the same look of a traditional staging but at half the cost and effort.

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Declutter & Organize

We are obsessed with making spaces more organized and clean. It can get overwhelming when clutter starts to build up or everything seems out of place, we handle every space in your house from the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, closet or even a pantry. We organize your space with a custom solution and a beautiful aesthetic look.

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Wardrobe Styling

It’s time to dress for success!

Don’t you get tired of opening your closet and either not having anything to wear or not being sure how to style the pieces you do own? Do you end up buying more clothes because you just don’t like what you own?

Our team of stylists will come in and transform your closet to an organized space reflecting your style. We will help you create outfit options using your existing clothes and create a list of key pieces that are missing.

Don’t have time to shop? No problem our team will even assist in shopping for you, so all you have to do is open your closet and pick out the perfect outfit!

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before picture of interior design of a homeinterior designed home

Our Design Services

Interior Design

Virtual Staging




Dee and Rocky turn properties into homes.
A little bit of love and a lot of expertise turns ideas into reality.